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Specialized doctor for your treatment during medical evacuation by Global Air Ambulance


Global Air Ambulance in Chennai is there for you 24/7 with the medical team to help you in any type of emergency.  We are specialized in sifting the critical patient safely from one city to other cities in India. We sift the patient through commercial aircraft (we created the space by moving the seats) and private charter aircraft with all the medical pieces of equipment like infusion system, ventilator, defibrillator, transport incubator, spear ventilation, IV pumps, cardiac monitor, ECG, oxygen supplies, portable section units, FAA approved stretcher system etc.


Global Air Ambulance from Indore is giving the service of MD doctor, paramedics, economical pricing, 24/7 service, bed-to-bed sifting, proper hygiene and cleanness, specialized medical equipment etc. Global Air Ambulance can be booked easily by call and mail. Global Air Ambulance in Indore is the service providers who give the highest rate of a successful result and most trusted in Indore.

Global Air Ambulance gives the service in various cities in India like Varanasi, Delhi, Patna, Mumbai, Chennai etc. We provide the service of train and road ambulance also with MD doctor, paramedics and all life-saving tools.

Web @ Specialized doctors with specific medical accoutrement available to save the life from Global

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