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International standard evacuation of the patient from Chennai provided by Global Air Ambulance

Global Air Ambulance provides the standard flying evacuation of the patient from one city to other cities in the presence of specialized doctor as per the requirement of the patient and paramedics and other facilities which are life-saving tools, stretcher, wheelchair wet. Global Air Ambulance sifts the patient with aircraft; it depends on the condition of the patient if the patent is critical we choose the private aircraft and for the patient in good condition we sift the patient with commercial aircraft.


Global Air Ambulance in Delhi had served you with MD doctors, paramedics and modern life-support tools like ventilator, defibrillator, portable section units, oxygen supplies, cardiac monitor, ECG, IV pumps, FAA approved stretcher system etc. Global Air Ambulance is the best medical rescuer with specialized medical team to give the smooth transfer of the patient.

Global Air Ambulance in Chennai is providing the rescue through aircraft; train and rail ambulance with all ICU, CCU required tools and other things. Global Air Ambulance can be booked by call or by mail. The pricing of the services of our company is very low. Global Air Ambulance is available for you 24/7 to give the quickest service.

Web @ Intensive care support with advance medical pieces of equipment and MD doctors from Global Air Ambulance 


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