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Brain Hemorrhage critical patient airlift by Global Air Ambulance Chennai to Delhi

As we know, brain haemorrhage is also known as cerebral Hemorrhaged, which is caused by a definite direct trauma on the brain, which appears in some situations. Brain haemorrhage is a type of stroke caused by local bleeding in the tissue surrounding the brain and rupture of the artery. Here, a serious patient of brain haemorrhage in Ranchi needs to shift to Delhi’s best medical treatment centre for treatment. Therefore they need the support of the Air Ambulance, which was literally served by “Global Air Ambulance Services“.


Global Air Ambulance from Chennai for Emergency Air Evacuation

Global Air Ambulance Chennai, immediately with expert supervision of MD Doctors to take advantage of the necessary treatment of patients with all necessary setup of ICU equipment to support low-cost air ambulance from Chennai. Some of the priority support received by us is outlined below…

  • Special Care to the Patient’s
  • Supportive Treatments along the best Faculty
  • Other Supporting Evacuation Staff
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support with the EMT Specialist

Global Air Ambulance Service from Raipur with ICU Setup

Raipur is getting support from Low-Cost Air Ambulance Raipur with all the support and setup of Emergency evacuation assistance with the accommodation of the best faculty of Global Air Ambulance Doctors and Nurses.

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