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Global Air Ambulance Services from Chennai and Bokaro with the Physical Support Unit

Air Ambulance Services is available to fulfill the needs of the medical evacuation facility to the critical patients with the required setup and the faculty of the specialist air ambulance medical staff with the emergency setup of the emergency ICU equipment to handle the critical situation of the patients during the medical evacuation life care support.


Global Low-Cost Air Ambulance Services from Chennai with the Advance ICU Setup

Global Air Ambulance in Chennai provides the Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) facility which are well-equipped and staffed by highly trained nurse or paramedics with doctor ready to be dispatched to emergency situations where patients require a higher level of care than a regular ambulance (BLS) can provide, So the needs of the comfort to the patient is availed along the medical tourism. Global Air Ambulance Service in Chennai provides emergency equipment like Cardiac monitor, pulse oximeter, oxygen, scoop, spine board, medicine box, stair chair and many more to avail the required treatment along the moving of the patients.

Global Air Ambulance Services from Bokaro with Pocket-Friendly Budget through Airways

Global Air Ambulance Service in Bokaro provides all the emergency setup which is required to shift any critical or ICU patients to the required or desired medical treatments center for further treatments with the special medical facility and faculty which consists of MD Doctors and Paramedical EMT Specialist.

Global Air Ambulance Services from Mumbai and Bhubaneswar with Medical Evacuation Staff

Global Air Ambulance Services Team wishes you all with the applause of the Joyful New Year, 2019


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